- Senator Lautenberg Shows the Show-Me State Some Pork -

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign this week targets Senator Frank Lautenberg's support of federal funding for a needless intersection in Joplin, Missouri.

Senator Lautenberg supported a $5,880,000 earmark in the 2006 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill to build a large interchange at a the scarcely used intersection at Zora Street and Main Street in Joplin, Missouri. (Conference Report 109-307 to HR 3058, agreed to on November 21, 2005)

In a town of only about 50,000 residents, many felt this was an unnecessary project to begin with.  One resident said, "They claim they are building this interchange to cut down congestion.  There is no congestion.  This is a deserted area in a small town." (Citizens Against Government Waste, 2006 Pig Book)

Zimmer issued the following statement:

 "At a time when New Jersey taxpayers are being asked to pay steeply higher tolls to finance New Jersey highways, Senator Lautenberg has being working to show the Show-Me State the pork. 

"It is time for a change from the pork-barrel politics of the past.  New Jersey taxpayers deserve a Senator who will not squander their tax dollars, but who will instead put the concerns of New Jersey taxpayers first."

Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign is designed to highlight Senator Frank Lautenberg's record of supporting wasteful spending and pork-barrel politics at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers.  Previous Wastes of the Week were the $300 billion Farm Bill, the $389 million Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska, a $225,000 pamphlet on beaver damage, various Monuments to Me spending projects and the Teapot Museum in North Carolina. 

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