- Pork for NJ That Fails to Address NJ Priorities -

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign this week highlights an earmark initiated by Senator Frank Lautenberg to fund renovations for the Scottish Rite Theatre in Collingswood, NJ.     

Senator Lautenberg slipped the $200,000 earmark into the conference report on the 2008 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill. 

Only seven companies are allowed to provide catering at the Scottish Rite Theatre.  Four of them are based in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey.

Not only that, but the Scottish Rite Theatre continues to charge a number of significant fees for the public to utilize the facility.  These fees include: $500 for lighting, $600 minimum fee for security and a $2 per seat "restoration fee."

Zimmer issued the following statement:

"Considering that New Jersey gets back only 61 cents for every tax dollar we send to Washington, it's inexcusable for Sen. Lautenberg to direct part of our meager share to politically motivated and marginally useful projects instead of the urgent needs confronting our state and our overtaxed citizens.  

"New Jersey taxpayers deserve a Senator who will not squander their tax dollars.  As your Senator, I will make the concerns and the interests of New Jersey taxpayers my top priority." 

Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign is designed to highlight Senator Frank Lautenberg's record of supporting wasteful spending and pork-barrel politics at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers.  Previous Wastes of the Week were the $300 billion Farm Bill, the $389 million Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska, a $225,000 pamphlet on beaver damage, various Monuments to Me spending projects, the Teapot Museum in North Carolina, the Joplin, Missouri interchange and Amtrak's Sunset Limited. 


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